The best solar mosquito trap worth to buy

Designed with Elegancy

MBOX already has a long road to development that can create the world’s smallest and most efficient mosquito trap. Designed and created by multiple engineering teams to validate and validate the actual performance of MBOX. With years of testing and the accumulation of experience, we have developed MBOX, from shape to internal structure.

Since MBOX is used for indoor use, we specialize in customization and are designed to be user friendly and harmless to your family. Instead of using traditional electric shock, MBOX uses a fan to inhale mosquitoes and dehydrated insects. Just a simple touch and go to the design, MBOX is easy to use, and can also be moved (USB Supply electric) when you go out to pick.

MBOX customization for small and efficient, into the surrounding environment.
We believe that we create a product that will satisfy your needs, elegance, efficiency, and most importantly, a mosquito-free environment and all the dangers they bring.

Efficiency and user friendliness

MBOX uses a new and efficient way to capture mosquitoes. First of all, we must understand that only female mosquitoes need blood (protein) to lay eggs. Female mosquitoes track their victims through carbon dioxide to a range of 50 meters, plus the smell of H2O, female mosquitoes are very effective in tracking their victims.MBOX uses a new method developed by Fujikima (Tokyo Science University) The method uses titanium dioxide photocatalysis (also known as Honda – rattan island effect). When the surface of the titanium dioxide is irradiated with light, the photocatalytic effect and the hydrophilicity are activated together. Any organic chemicals in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition into CO 2 and H 2 O, and thus release a highly attractive odor for female mosquitoes. Once enough due to the near -silent design, MBOX can be placed anywhere without causing any damage to its environment, such as baby room / bedroom / middle.

Innovation and Technology

QM’s design team consists of teams with years of design experience. With continuous research and development, our efforts with the burning passion are the best. Combined with elegant design and advanced technical features, complete a glimmer of luxury.MBOX from the bottom up design, without any screw assembly; just gently twist MBOX can be removed to remove any unwanted “dead” mosquitoes. In order to achieve the peak of innovation and technology, we have done a lot of research and testing, how to maintain the function and elegant design .

10 times more silent than other mosquito traps.
Decibel (loudness) Comparison Chart

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