Indoor mosquito killer

customized CO2 Indoor Mosquito Trap MBOX 


Mosquitoes are attracted to moisture, co2 and many other factors. So to make sure they are following the right scent, mosquitos will start by tracing the co2 scent back to its origin. Once close enough the mosquito will start tracking the moisture and finally once everything is correct they will prey for the target and thus setting our trap in motion.

MBOX is made specifically with a dark/shiny surface. This has 2 functions; the dark surface keeps the heat generated and is less likely to disperse and with the circular form to mimic a body part. With the mirrored surface a mosquito can see a similar mosquito (herself) fly to the target and thus confirming that she is not the only one going for this target. Once close enough for a mosquito to tell the difference, it would already be too late. The silent fan will suck the mosquito in and drying her out, this is done without any Toxic or Electric shocks but purely dehydrating the mosquito. It will take only around 30 to 120 minutes for the MBOX to trap and kill the mosquito.

123 Indoor mosquito killer
Easy cleaning

Product Information

1 Product name:Indoor CO2 Mosquito Trap
2.Size:120*120*300MM (D*H)
3.Cell Major Material:ABS
4.Color In stockBlack (Mass product can be customized)
6.MOQ:100Units,(Sample can be one or several Units)
7.FOB PortShenzhen or HongKong
8.Rated Input Voltage110V-240V
9.Rated Power consume2W(Can supplied by Power Bank)
12.Suggested Cover Range400 square feet.

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