Mosquitos and Flamethr

Mosquitos and Flamethrowers!

Though I thoroughly agree with most people on the world… Pesky mosquitoes should be burned down to ash, though 1 problem is… What if the mosquito is indoors? I’m not sure if my neighbors would be happy to see their house burn down. Another issue might be how you have to explain it to the firefighters that have to extinguish the flames.

So from my point of view, a lot of people are willing to risk a lot to fight these mosquitos. Why risk anymore if there is actually a working solution to fight those pesky mosquitoes that are indoors.

From my internet research and Wikipedia browsing I can confirm a few things. Mosquitos like Co2 and use it to navigate it like your navigation in your car to its destination. So what if there is a solution like using a device that releases Co2 and trap the mosquito. Sounds like the solid plan! So after even more research I discovered a company named QM from Hong Kong (smart Asian folks there) and they developed a machine named MBOX. Releases Co2 and H2o so mosquitoes can home into the machine and it gets sucked down and dried out, afterwards i can just dump the pile of dried out mosquitoes outside in the garden and light them up with my flamethrower!

Mosquito Trap Indoor 1 Mosquitos and Flamethr