Urban Mosquito Fighters

Urban Mosquito Fighters

So you are living in an urban environment. There would be many buildings, many folks and a lot of mosquitoes flying around sucking everyone and transferring diseases. You never know if your neighbor has HIV or any other diseases, mosquito bites your neighbor and after if you get bit, the only happy one here is the mosquito and your doctor (new client!).

One of the most important topics in this world now is being able to prevent all these transferable diseases. Everyone is travelling around the world and who knows where your neighbor has been when you are living in an urban environment. So prevention is important (preventing is better than healing).

How would you prevent a mosquito that has bitten your neighbor to not bite you? Well a simple answer is to trap the mosquito before it can bite you. Many traps could be placed like the traditional mosquito electrocuting traps with a bright light and a noisy shock, I’m sure your neighbors would not be that happy. Another solution researches have come with is creating a trap using Co2 and H2o. It is a recent discovery by Akira Fujishima (Researcher and President of the Tokyo University of Science) called the photo catalytic and super hydrophilic properties of titanium dioxide.

A smart company called QM implemented these research results and developed a machine called MBOX. Mosquito BOX or Magical BOX, call it how you want it but the results are amazing. Near-silent with not as much light as the traditional mosquito traps. No more dangerous electrocution traps or neighbors complaining or your baby getting woken up by the loud shocks. But the most important part is that you are protecting your family from any possible diseases these mosquitos bring.

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